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Vehicle Sourcing

Even with a wide range and more than 50 vehicles in stock, we may not have exactly what you are looking for, or now might not be the right time for you to buy.

From those wanting a specific factory option, unique paint colour or even just aiming to make the absolute most of your budget in an ever-changing market, we can be of service.

Your daily driver is just as important as that rare, highly sought-after collector car and the SSC team is here to help.

  • Established personal
    network of local and
    international contacts
  • Finance and
    insurance options for
    unique and highly-
    specialised vehicles
  • Trusted workshops
    for detailed pre-
    purchase inspections
    where possible
  • Product knowledge
    that is wide-ranging
    and varied
  • Constant contact
    while we track
    down your ideal
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Trusted Buyers

Sometimes the vehicle in your mind is only a call away, so tell us what you want and our team will tell you if we can find it, how soon we hope to have it and what it might cost.

With a budget and specification proposed by you, here is how we plan to locate your vehicle:

  • 1.We price an average of 20 vehicles per day from all over NZ, and receive weekly updates from our international network
  • 2.Our team may be awaiting a trade-in vehicle that fits your criteria
  • 3.Constant contact with our existing client base and personal network
  • 4.An established relationship with the local authorised dealer network